The Ultimate PPC Optimization Guide

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2018)


The following guide represents an example funnel layout of campaigns, as well as a step-by-step guide for optimizing on different levels in Search and Facebook PPC. In the AdWords part, you will also find 💥scripts for AdWords💥, that when implemented right will make bid adjustments more or less automated for you.😌

The aim of the article is to deliver an easy to use framework for optimization of key marketing metrics leading to ↑ROI↑ through PPC, once they’ve done keyword and audience research. The tactics and frameworks in the document do NOT  guarantee results or provide a “set it and leave it” magical formula, as optimization is a never-ending process.😉

Please feel free to comment and suggest changes. 😜

In case you’re not familiar with setting up AdWords scripts, I recommend going through this document first.


👉Facebook PPC


Credits: This layout was based on one developed by Depesh Mandalia for eCommerce FB ads.

Full Size Layout Tables


  1. Test Significance
  • 4000-10000 reach/impressions
  • 4 to 14 days


  1. Optimizing
  • Ad set level
  1. KPIs: CPM, CPC, CTR, conversion rates, CPA, hour of day, action (carousel), view-through (for video).
  2. Audience: age, gender, interests, behaviors, device, internet connection.
  3. Placement – messenger, feed, Instagram, instant articles, right column.
  4. Delivery: method, time, type, conversion window.


  • Ad level
  1. KPIs: CPV, Cost/Action (carousel), relevance score, frequency, report as spam, x-outs, CTR.
  2. Creative: format, colours, headline, description, CTA.
  3. Landing page experience – ad CTA & LP message match, CTA, forms, navigation, footer.


  1. Scaling?
  • ↖CTR and ↖Conversions, ↡CPA
  1. Conservative vertical: +15-25% gradual increase/day per ad set. (best practice).
  2. Aggressive horizontal: duplicating ad sets and increasing budget.
    1. Negative impact on learning on ad set level


👉AdWord PPC


  1. Test Significance
  • +100 clicks/variation
  • 13 days


  1. Optimizing
  • Ad group level
  1. KPIs: CPM, CPC, CTR, CPA, hour of day.
  2. 💥Bid Adjustments: 💥Real-time Position Bidding, 💥Device.
  3. Search term report for expanding the keyword list.


  • Ad level
  1. KPIs: Quality score, CPC, CTR, conversion rate, CPA.
  2. 💥Quick Ad creation  + ad test matrix.
  3. Landing page experience – ad CTA & LP message match, CTA, forms, navigation, footer.
  1. Scaling?
  1. ↖CTR and ↖Conversions, ↡CPA.
  2. Search Lost Impression share for past week  >5%.
  3. Accelerated delivery + 24-hour💥 bidding.



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